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Java Coding Getting Started Page

Welcome Guest!

Java getting started page -- a collection of beginner-level introductory links and articles.


This group focuses on the Java language and developers working with it.

Java ImageIntroduced by Sun Microsystems, Java has become an important development platorm for both desktop and web applications.  This group is devoted to all things Java.

Want to become a moderator?
We are currently looking for someone to moderate our Java message boards. If you're interested, send a private message to Mike Prestwood. Once you are a moderator, you will receive an email whenever someone posts.

Want to become an author?
We are currently looking for authors to post to this group's knowledge base. We are looking for generic Java material as well as material specific to JBuilder, Sun's various Java tools, etc. We are interested in getting started and expert material. If you're interested, send a private message to Mike Prestwood or get started by submitting content to our Java KB Topic (or any subtopic).

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