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  From the November 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Member Points Program
Posted 14 years ago on 4/24/2007 and updated 4/3/2010
Take Away:

Member points information.


Member Points Overview

Each community member will have the opportunity to earn member points. You'll be able to spend these points in our online store. You'll earnor loose points based on your activity.For example:

  • Join Community
  • Account Approval
  • Visit
  • Post a Blog Entry

The good news for existing members is you WILL get points for all of your past activity as we add the routines to add them.

Who's Eligible

Your account must be in good standing as follows

  • Verified eMail (you verify your own email)
  • Approved Account Status (account status is set by a staff member)
  • Subscribe to our monthly eMagazine.

You'll know if you qualify simply by selecting Computer Store | Spend Your Points.


Our goal is to have a thriving online developer community and we use our member points program to attract contributions and participation.

Current Point Values

The following is a list of activities that will earn you points!


Activity Points Notes
Join Community 5 If you are not currently a member, select the Sign Up option in the upper right.
Verify Your Email 4 You get 4 points the first time you verify your email address. No "extra" points for changing your email. Select My | My Account Settings then click on theVerify Email option.
Post New eMail -4 But you get the 4 points back when you verify the new email address.
eMag Subscription 12 Subscribe to our popular monthly eMagazine and get 12 points. Once a month you'll receive our monthly eMag in your email. Select Programmer Community | Prestwood eMag to sign up for our free monthly email magazine.
Account Approval 5
Account Un-Approved -5
Account Warning -100 For example, if you post garbage text, curse words, or an invalid email.
Account Denied Reset Points reset to 0.
Account On Hold Reset Points reset to 0.
Account Banned Reset Points reset to 0.
Upload Picture 3 Post a profile picture.SelectMy | My AccountSettings then click on the Change Profile Image option.
Delete Picture -7 We have to delete an inappropriate profile picture.
Daily Visits .5 Visit once per day and earn 1/2 a point (.5) but only after 24 hours has passed between visits.
MB Post


Each post in our message board earns you 1 point. Select Programmer Community | Message Boards to get started.
Blog Topics


Added when you start a new blog topic in your blog.Select My | My Blog to get started.
Blog Entries


Includes blog entries and comments on other blogs.SelectMy | My Blogto get started.
KB Post


A general fairly short post.SelectMy | My KB Articles to get started.
KB Article


Full article with images published in our eMag.SelectMy | My KB Articlesto get started.
KB Items


Short items of type FAQ, Tip, Definition, Code Snippet, Error, Flashcard, File, or Link.SelectMy | My KB Articlesto get started.
KB Comments


Comments or questions added to the bottom of a blog topic or KB post. Select Programmer Community | Knowledge Base to get started.
Group Visit


Visit a community group that you havejoined.1/4 point for each visit but only after 24 hours has passed since your last visit. Select Programmer Community | Community Groups then select one of our top groups or select All Groups to see a listing of all our groups.

More to follow, check back for updates!

Spend Your Points!

To spend your points, select Computer Store | Spend Member Points.

Earn and spend member points.

More Info

KB Post:  Message Board Ranks


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First Comment
Comment 1 of 8
This site is really interesting. If I only have known this site earlier, I could have learned a lot more. Thank you very much to Prestwood Software.
Posted 13 years ago

Comment 2 of 8

Thanks Amador. Much appreciated. We will be implementing the ability for members to spend their points within the next month or two. If you haven't found our message boards yet, you might want to check them out. Perhaps introduce yourself in the New Members topic.

Posted 13 years ago

Comment 3 of 8

Amador, I second that emotion!  I've been on a LOT of tech boards before Mike's, and none of them compare to this!

Heck, this guy's so good, he's certifiable!  I even found one of this publications (and yes, I mean a BOOK!) at Amazon - 100% proof that he knows his stuff (

UPDATE (4-Apr-08):
The only improvement I can think of right now is something I've seen on my ISP's webmail and a few other places: the ability to get a full ALT description of summary lines that end with "..."  For example, the "Last Active Threads" in the Paradox Board Overview on the Paradox Group page; being able to hover over each of those lines and get the full description, would help me select the appropriate thread/s.

Hope that makes sense...

Posted 13 years ago

Comment 4 of 8
Eliot: Thanks for the kind words and yes, I understand your suggestion. I implemented it today. Keep the good suggestions coming.
Posted 13 years ago

Comment 5 of 8


Posted 13 years ago

Comment 6 of 8

Yesterday we went live with our Spend Member Points features!! Check it out. We are very interested in your feedback. Are we on the right track? Do we have enough items available at the right point values?

Posted 13 years ago

Comment 7 of 8

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Posted 14 months ago

Latest Comment
Comment 8 of 8
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Posted 14 months ago
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KB Post Contributed By Mike Prestwood:

Mike Prestwood is a drummer, an author, and creator of the PrestwoodBoards online community. He is the President & CEO of Prestwood IT Solutions. Prestwood IT provides Coding, Website, and Computer Tech services. Mike has authored 6 computer books and over 1,200 articles. As a drummer, he maintains and has authored 3 drum books. If you have a project you wish to discuss with Mike, you can send him a private message through his PrestwoodBoards home page or call him 9AM to 4PM PST at 916-726-5675 x205.

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