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1. Hardware Configuration Preventing Custom Software from Running

This article discusses a real life troubleshooting encounter that I resolved by manipulating the network drive mappings.

Posted to KB Topic: Software
31 months ago, and updated 24 months ago

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2. Backup Windows XP

Windows XP includes its own backup program, although you may need to do some digging to find it. You can also take your pick of third-party programs (listed at the end of this column) that add bells and whistles you won't find in the basic Windows XP Backup utility.

Posted to KB Topic: Windows XP
10 years ago

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Wes Peterson
3. Removable Disks - a brief overview & history Wherever would we be without portable, inexpensive removable media? From the old, eight-inch floppy, to the latest Blue Ray DVD format, little spinning disks have provided computer users with convient, off-line storage. This is a brief overview and history of the various disk formats that have come, gone, and are - for the moment - sticking around.
Posted to KB Topic: Removable Storage Technology
13 years ago, and updated 12 years ago

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