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  From the August 2013 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Design Unix Hosting:
Standard Hosting: Limitations on UNIX Connections
Posted 17 years ago on 5/20/2003
Take Away: Limitations on UNIX Connections.
 Tags: hosting , Unix , connections , ftp , pop3


Limitations on UNIX Connections

To keep our Web servers stable and to assure the maximum uptime for your Web site(s), we have placed limits on the number of simultaneous connections that can be made to our UNIX servers. These limitations apply to FTP and POP3 connections. Currently, we allow seventy-five (75) simultaneous connections to each server as a whole and ten (10) connections from any single IP address or source. These limitations assure that:

  • No individual Web hosting account uses too many of the resources on the server.
  • All persons who are connected to the server will experience an acceptable level of performance during their connection(s).

Limitation Error Message
If you try to connect to an e-mail server and either more than 75 connections are active or more than 10 connections are coming from your IP address/source, an error message similar to the following is produced:

ERR POP3 - server reached max e-mail connections - please try again

Likewise, if you are trying to connect to an FTP server an you encounter the connection limitation, you will see a message that is similar to the following:

ERR FTP - server reached max ftp connections - please try again

Each error message provides you with basic information about why your connection was refused. For example, in the first error message shown above, a POP3 e-mail connection was refused because the server is already servicing its maximum number of connections. Similarly, in the second example, the connection was refused because the maximum number of connections to the FTP server had been reached.

Origin of the Error Message
Our servers track both the number of active connections and the originating point of each connection. The error message is produced when too many connections from your location (for example, from your office) try to access our server at the same time. When this happens, the server allows only a certain number of connections, refusing the rest. The connections that are refused receive the error message.

Your Likelihood of Encountering the Limitation
Whether you encounter the above-mentioned error message depends largely on the size of your organization, department or office:

  • If you are the only person—or one of only a few persons—who uses your Web site to receive e-mail messages or to transfer files to your hosting account, you may rarely, if ever, see any error messages related to our connection limitations. If you do see such error messages, in all likelihood the message appeared because all the 75 available connections to the server are in use. If you experience the error message, we advise that you wait for approximately one minute and then try to connect to the server again. In the great majority of cases, your connection will then be completed successfully.
  • If you are one of many persons in a small or medium-sized office that uses your organization’s Web site to receive e-mail messages o o transfer files to your hosting account, you may receive the error message occasionally. However, again, if you wait for approximately one minute and then try to connect to the server, your connection will most likely be completed successfully.


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