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Delphi for Win32:
SSL not working on Indy IdHTTP POST
Posted 17 years ago on 10/20/2003 and updated 6/30/2010
Take Away:

How to enable SSL transactions with the Indy HTTP v9 component.


This article documents how to enable SSL transactions (HTTPS) with the Indy HTTP v9 component.

Add the following lines of code:

//------- SSL SUPPORT --------- 
FSSL := TIdSSLIOHandlerSocket.Create(Application); 
FIdHTTP.IOHandler := FSSL; 

Drag a TIdSSLIOHandlerSocket to a form to determine which "uses" are required.


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KB Post Contributed By Kim Berry:

Kim Berry is an experienced coder currently specializing in VS.Net C# coding of WinForm and WebForm applications. Kim currently works part time for Prestwood IT Solutions and participates in this online community when time allows. Kim worked fulltime at Prestwood Software for four years and is still available for part time evenings and weekends work. He was one of the main Prestwood developers developing ASPSuite and has coded in many languages including C, Visual Basic, Delphi, and Visual Studio.Net.

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