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Posted 7/16/2010 on 7/16/2010 and updated 8/6/2020
Take Away:

This is hard trying to nav the boards in my Droid SDK!


Well, that was an experience, trying to post to blog was a chore!

Photo of Android 1.5

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Posted 8/6/2020

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I would love to join Android development community.

Posted 8/6/2020

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Posted 1/13/2020

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Posted 11/16/2019

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Posted 2/15/2019

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 Sorry Mike I did not notice your reply.

It was a Droid SDK.

Posted 2/5/2016

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Hi Christopher,

What problems did you have posting to your blog? In other words, what can I improve?

Also, I've got an Droid and I can't get along without it!

Posted 1/15/2011
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