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The FileHippo Website Offers a Wide Selection of Freeware
Posted 5 years ago on 5/4/2015 and updated 9/16/2018
Take Away:

The FileHippo website offers a wide selection of software you may download for free.


If you have ever wondered where you could go to find a large, organized selection of free downloadable software, then look no further. The FileHippo website at “www (dot) filehippo (dot) com” is just the thing for you. This website is really a buffet table with a huge selection of software. It is segmented by the following categories:



Browsers and Plugins 






File Sharing     

File Transfer

Messaging and Chat                



Office / News  

Photos / Image


System Tuning


Upon clicking one of the above categories, you will be redirected to a new page on the site listing all the available programs under this category. At the top of this page is the category of software product. Beneath that is the listing of software products in one vertical column.

For each software product, you will see the title of the program, its creator, the file size and a brief description of what it does. Also, to the right of the software maker is a “software type” enclosed in parentheses. This denotes the type: Commercial Trial, Freeware, Non-Commercial Freeware, Open Source and Shareware. Below the brief description is a “Download” link. The program title is also a link to the same download page.

After you arrive at the download page, you will notice there is a more detailed description of the software in the middle of the page under the “Description” tab, which comes up first by default. Other tabs include: “Technical”, “Change Log” and “Comments”. Note that some or all of the last 3 tabs may not appear under some software products on the site.

The “Technical” tab includes information such as: title, filename, file size, requirements, languages, license, date added and author. The “Change Log” tab includes a listing of  problem resolutions, bug fixes, optimizations and other updates that relate to the given software product. The “Comments” tab offers remarks left by people who have tried the product out for themselves. This does not include a starred or numerical rating system.

Finally, the download section is just to the right of the tabbed area. The most recent version of the given software product is at the top right next to a green download button. It is titled “Download Latest Version”. There is also a section below this for downloading older versions of the software beginning from the next newest version all the way down to the oldest version that is available on the website. As someone who has downloaded an awful lot of software in my day, I would like to state for the record that FileHippo’s simple and direct format is a refreshing change from what I have frequently had to deal with. With other file download sites, I have been sent from one web page to the next, thinking I will be sent to where I can download my needed file. Then I find out there is either no link to download my file or there is a link for a file download locator service, which I could care less about. Or some other thing that is equally useless. All too often I get the royal run around, but not with FileHippo!

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