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System Image Backup Utility from Microsoft is Your Best Friend
Posted 22 months ago on 9/23/2018
Take Away:

This article discusses how the “System Image Backup” feature in Microsoft Windows Control Panel can save you from untold wasted time and aggravation in the event of a catastrophic hard disk crash.


Can anyone tally up all the people who complain about Microsoft? Perhaps not, though they did create something that is truly spectacular. I am referring to the “System Image Backup” utility found under the Control Panel of Windows. This wonderful utility will image your entire hard disk to another internal or external disk. You may then use this image of your hard disk to restore onto the same or other hard disk and the result will look and function exactly like what you made an image of. It is a huge time saver and it sidesteps what would otherwise be a lot of stress in the event of a catastrophic hard drive crash that requires computer repair. This is especially crucial for a computer used to run a business. When they go down, they need to get up and running as soon as possible. Time is money and a crashed computer will cost you a lot of time - unless you are prepared.

I have been telling customers about this great feature that is easy to do and costs nothing except for the $50 or thereabouts you would pay for an external hard disk. A Windows start up CD/DVD is required to start the image restoration process, but you can make one yourself quite easily through Windows in the Control Panel. I continue to be dismayed at how few people know about “System Image Backup”. When a computer’s hard drive zonks out and it has reached the point to where everything has to be restored, it is usually followed by panic and rushing around looking for a Windows installation disk, application software disks, license keys, product keys and so on, not to mention the computer tech who can do the restoration and hopefully soon. It is a recipe for aggravation. Why on earth would you subject yourself to all that when there is a much better option available courtesy of “System Image Backup”?

Many hard disk crashes that require fix my PC appointments can be softened and abbreviated with the powerful “System Image Backup” found in Microsoft Windows Control Panel. Personally, I think Microsoft Corporation should have launched a public relations campaign to make a lot of people aware of this terrific feature. Hopefully this writing will help spread the word so more computer users know about it.


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