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M.2 to M.2 SSD Image Transfer
Posted 21 months ago on 10/26/2018
Take Away:

The M.2 2280 form factor solid state drive is becoming more prevalent in today‘s computers because of its ability to save space and pure speed.  The M.2 port accepts two interfaces, the mSATA and the NVMe, the mSATA has two keys on both sides (B+M) and the NVMe has one key on the right side (B).  The NVMe uses 2 more PCIe lanes than the mSATA, because of this many people are switching to the NVMe interface.  At the time of this writing it is unusual to come across a PC with 2 separate M.2 ports.  Also it is difficult to find adapters that properly accept the NVMe interface. 

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To clone a M.2 form factor SSD follow these steps

First; Create the bootable rescue media

-download macrium reflect free

-go to other tasks at the top, create rescue media

-Change PE Version to Windows PE 10.0 rescue media, or whichever appropriate PE version that matches the OS you are using 

-Rebuild the rescue environment, make sure it is on the proper bit type 32 or 64

-select USB device

-make sure the Enable multiboot MBR/UEFI USB support is selected, this will help with the newer BIOS/UEFI options


-NOTE Before you can restore an image to the new disk you must initialize it in Disk Management, this is a good time to do it

Next; image the drive of the target PC from itself, or from another PC if the first option is not possible

-within Macrium; click Image selected disks on the computer, select the needed partitions

-image it to the external HDD

Next; restore the image to the new drive

-shutdown the PC and install the new drive to the M.2 slot

-boot to the Macrium rescue media, this may take several changes to the BIOS

-on a Dell BIOS/UEFI the easiest way to quickly make these changes is to go to the one-time boot menu by pressing F12 during boot

-key down to Change Boot Mode Settings at the bottom

-select Legacy External Device Boot Mode, Secure Boot OFF

-now select your USB drive in the UEFI menu

-plug in the external with the drive image

-give it a little time to recognize all of the drives, just hang out for a little it could be slow

-if it recognizes the new m.2 drive and the external with the image on it is pretty straight forward from here

-select Browse for an image or backup file to restore

-select the external and go to the folder where the image is stored

-select Restore Image on the right

-select the disk you want to restore to

-once the image is done restoring make sure you go back in the BIOS and change all of the settings back to run optimally, most likely a secure UEFI boot

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