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September Edition
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Prestwood IT Newsletter Oct 2015 Issue - JavaScript Edition


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  October 2015 - JavaScript Edition Year 17 Issue 10  

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Web & Marketing Services Info topic:
Domain Transfer
by Gerald Renton

Transfer domain to One or more years is added to your domain registration usually at $9.99/year (i.e. .com price). A minimum of only 1 year needs to be added to transfer.

Coding Services Info topic:
Project Management
by Mike Prestwood

Project management. Generally project management ranges from 10% to 30% of a project budget. However, the amount of project management required depends on the project.

IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users topic:
Windows GREP - Great Tool
by Wes Peterson

You know (or think) the file is out there.  You have a pretty good idea about one or two things that are (or ought) to be in it.  Find it fast with Windows GREP.

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Coding Tasks topic (classic post):
Add Favorites or Bookmark - Works with all browsers.
by Mike Prestwood
For IE 4+, this script will give visitors to your site the option to add your page to their favorites. For Netscape users it will remind them to press Control + D, for all others, it simply reminds them to bookmark your page.

Beginners Corner topic (classic post):
Validating Form Fields
by Mike Prestwood
Adding JavaScript to your HTML forms to validate form fields.

 Monthly JavaScript Lesson
JavaScript and AJAX Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Implements replaceAll in javascript. This is achieved using prototype.js

Add this between the head tags (replace [[ with < and ]] with >):

[[script type="text/javascript" src="prototype.js"]] [[/script]]

Here's the code (replace [[ with < and ]] with >):

[[script type="text/javascript"]]
// define your replace all function like this 
String.prototype.replaceAll=function(s1, s2) 
{return this.split(s1).join(s2)}; 
// use your replaceAll function like this
var replacedText = text2replace.replaceAll("-what to replace-",
		" -with what to replace- "); 
Beginners Corner Topic:
FAQ of the Month: Hide JavaScript Code
Question: How do I protect my javascript code?

Answer: In the main you don't, as the language is ran from source, you need to deliver the source code, with JScript, there is the Script Encoder (see MSDN) but this is nothing more than obfuscation in effect, disabling the Right Mouse button, also achieves nothing to protect your script in a web browser. Your code is likely protected under copyright laws.

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