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1. richard.s  (46 visits. Sacramento, CA USA) 2. PS_2094  (1 visits., -- --) 3. Rae.P  (86 visits. Calgary, AB CA) math problem solver making the math more easy and say it as cool math. which is why owning a calculator seems like a necessity for students as math solver. But what if you could use your smartphone to solve equations by pointing the camera at the problem in your textbook instead of using a calculator as a camera calculator? That is the idea behind PhotoMath say photo maths. PhotoMath is a photomath camera calculator free mobile app that can read and solve mathematical expressions using your smartphone camera in real time math equation solver." href="/ASPSuite/Member.asp?UserID=Akarsh.S">4. Akarsh Sagi  (1 visits. United States) 5. Paul@Origin  (1 visits., -- --) 6. Allan.S  (2 visits., -- --) 7. Andrew.K  (8 visits., -- --) 8. Martin.E  (2 visits. Plumas Lake, CA USA) 9. mfifield  (3 visits. Golconda, -- USA) 10. Donovan.H  (23 visits. Citrus Heights, -- UNK)

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How to Setup a Coinbase Account?
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: Net Admin: Hardware
66 days ago
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What is a HP Support Assistant?
HP Assistant is one of the main features that came with each of the Hp device. It is given by the Hewlett Packard to ensure their customer satisfaction. It is useful software to automatically troubleshoot and fix issues that come with your HP devices. The reason behind the most of the problems in the computer is the software is not updated in time; this is where Hp support Assistant becomes handy for the users because it automatically finds and installs the latest updates for your device. It will also help to secure your device from malicious file and other external attacks. To know more about the working and for the deep understanding about the HP printer assistant feel free to visit our site at
Posted to MB Topic: Net Admin: Hardware
86 days ago
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HP Printer Supports
How to Fix HP Printer in error state?
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: Net Admin: Hardware
88 days ago
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AMD Quad Core Server Ver. Intel Quad Core Server
I have been looking up information about Intel and AMD's quad core processors. I am about to build 2 new servers for our company, I have reviewed many benchmarks and still cannot decide on which one would be best to buy. What are your opinions? Maybe you have thought of something I did not. Oh and ill be buying 2 quad core cpus and will have windows server 2008 64 bit OS. The servers will have about 50 or so processors (dataentry employees) connecting to them throughout the work day and the server will be used to store main data files. Post your ideas and thoughts!
Posted to MB Topic: Net Admin: Hardware
12 years ago
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Windows Server '03 settings to Windows Server '08?
Recently bought 2 new servers with Windows Server 2008 on them. Was curious if anyone has ever heard of or knows if it is possible to do a MS backup or some other program on a Windows Server 2003 server and import the settings on to a newer Windows Server 2008 server. Currently want to replace the old servers with the new ones, but was hoping all of our server settings could be imported to the new servers, instead of having to set everything up all over again. Also the old servers will be used still but only as an emergency backup incase something happens to the new server. Anyone have some input on this ? Thanks! -David
Posted to MB Topic: Net Admin: Software
11 years ago
1 Reply:

It can be done, what edition of 2003 are you using? what edition of 2008 are you using? Have you considered upgrading your 2003 servers to 2008? EDIT: OK, I just realized how old this thread
10 years ago
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1. The Laptop Computer Power Jack That Sort Of Almost Worked

This is a story about a recent troubleshooting appointment I went on where the laptop computer’s “power jack didn’t work, so to speak”.

Posted to KB Topic: Hardware
47 days ago

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2. Microsoft Outlook Will Not Accept Incoming Emails

This article discusses a troubleshooting appointment I recently had where the customer’s Microsoft Outlook could send emails, but not receive them. A message appeared that said Outlook had reached its capacity.

Posted to KB Topic: Software
68 days ago

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3. Computer Troubleshooting People Develop Basketball Court Vision

This article describes a computer troubleshooting appointment I recently had that shows how I could sense a solution to a perplexing problem by way of my developed “basketball court vision”.

Posted to KB Topic: Software
5 months ago

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4. The Google Docs Viewer Supports a Variety of Documents for Online Reading

This article describes a cloud based software utility for quickly viewing PDF documents stored on a website called Google Docs Viewer.

Posted to KB Topic: Software
7 months ago

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