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Monopoly Tycoon
by Infogrames
Introducing the World's First Competitive Sim!
Monopoly Tycoon
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 Monopoly Tycoon
Vendor: Infogrames
Part No: 04-23109 
UPC: 742725231092 

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  • Create a business empire from Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk - one business at a time. It's all the risk taking and deal making of the Monopoly game and so much more!
    Get to know the city, it's inhabitants and discover profitable business opportunities.

    Product Features

    Identify the needs of the citizens.
    Gain an advantage by strategically exploiting lucrative business opportunities.

    Build up to 44 different businesses from the ground up.
    Choose the style, size, location and type of businesses to operate.

    Manage each business.
    Find ways to attract the most customers to generate cash and fuel a growing empire.

    Compete in real time.
    Outbid and outmaneuver up to 5 competing tycoons in a nonstop battle for control.

    Watch your empire take shape.
    See your businesses come to life and strategies unfold.

    System Requirements
    • OS: Windows 95/98/Me
    • CPU: Pentium 233 MHz or higher
    • RAM: 64 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 90MB free
    • CD-ROM: 4X speed
    • Video: 8MB Windows 95/98/Me - Compatible sound card
    • DirectX: DirectX 8.0 (included) or higher

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